Floating Peanut

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Floating Peanut

Mobile Casual Tapping Game

Credits: SmartFun Studio
“Floating peanut” is a parody app game based on a hit song named “Lac Troi”, performed by young Vietnamese singer Son Tung MTP in 2017. 
Using a word play with the song’s name, we created a humorous game where our main character, Mr.Peanut for unknown reason got thrown down a river and must swim to survive. Of course, we prepare a lot of dodge challenges waiting for him ahead…

Characters Design

There are 3 versions of Mr.Peanut: the Original, the Alien and the Singer (which is a dress up of Son Tung MTP in his original video clip).


UI Design

All User Interface was drawn by the Art Team

Animation and Effects

Water Splash when the Peanut swim


Animation of the Peanuts

Panic Running Peanut:

Floating Peanut Splash Sing Wave


Have a nice Swimming!
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